Experience Fine Dining Courtesy

Sit by the empyrean riverside and enjoy sumptuous cuisine. Ranging from traditional Kullu Cuisine to world food with global accents. Organize your own private barbeque or maybe a little picnic basket by the river side. The setting under the stars, natural, earthy and inviting.

The menu featuring classic to new imaginative signature dishes. Fresh trout fried to perfection, Italian, Asian and Continental. Add to that local delicacies, pickles, juices and savories specially prepared by our professional chefs adhering to the gourmet tastes and expectations of each of our evolved guest.

For some, it's the culinary spread. For others, perhaps it's the al fresco ambience. Or it could solely be the quality of the service. A friendly face to greet you, and a meal where you are treated like royalty. But for each of our guests it's an elevation of the art of dining into a higher experience that keeps them coming back for more and more.

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